How To Add Domain And Install WordPress In Hosting

How To Add Domain And Install WordPress In Hosting

Every non-techie or newbie in web industry thinks to do all work done in short time with perfection. And then after getting suggestions and online stats, he/she move ahead with WordPress. But Now here I am sharing How To Add Domain And Install WordPress In Hosting. I know that this topic is not trending and no so popular, everyone can easily get the idea from YouTube or Google Search but I am sharing only for the information for my blog visitors.

So Without wasting your time, I am coming to the point and sharing the process precisely in short lines.

How To Add Domain And Install WordPress In Hosting:

Change Name Server:

The very first step is to change the name server in the c-panel of the domain. And then you have to wait till the name server get propagated by your hosting service provider. Usually, it takes approx 2-3 hours but all hosting service provider commit for maximum 48 hours to get propagated.

Add Domain To Hosting/Server:

Now login to c-panel of the hosting/server. Now go to DOMAIN section, then follow the process through ADDon Domains in the same section of the c-panel. And then simply add the domain name which you want to host in that hosting, decide the route, create FTP if needed and submit it. Now it will host on this hosting and it will reflect in few minutes.

Install WordPress:

Now Go into softaculous and follow the process with “WordPress”.

Now select the domain from the drop-down menu of the installation page, select URL type, fill the required details and then proceed with “install”. Now in the next 1-2 minutes, WordPress will completely installed on your domain from your hosting.

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