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How To Find Trending Niche In Google Trends

Nowadays every content writer or blogger wants to rank so quickly to gain huge traffic through the search engine. And due to this thought process, they follow the trending on the search engine. In this article, I am Going to share few things which will help you to find the answer of How To Find Trending Niche In Google Trends.

Before Coming to the point, I want to share few important facts about Google Trends and trending niche.

What Is Google Trends?

It is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages and various niches.

It launched on the 11th day of May 2006. It is available in the English Language only.

Now I am coming back to the point and the most important thing of this article and that is to find the process of getting trending niche. So keep your mind ready to know the secret.

How To Find Trending Niche In Google Trends

Here I will not write that just search it on google search because I know very well that the people who are reading this article, are mature enough to know how to go to the Google Trends Website or page. So just go to the official subdomain or website and then you will get the page preview like-

Now See the right side options and those are-

  1. Category
  2. Country

According to me, now you should select the country first and then select the category because If you will select the category first then you will have to do lots of research on different countries and if you failed to prepare and publish your content before 15-18 hours of the trending topic then it will tough to get huge traffic on that niche.

So choose the country first so that you can perform well in your country for the research on the trending topic of the category in which you think you can write the amazing content in very short time.

Here I am choosing the country “INDIA” in the country option on the date 13th Feb 2018 and now I am getting the page preview like this-

Now If you want to go with the more deep way of finding the niche then select the category and then you will get the trending stories of that particular niche in Google Search of the past 24 hours.

Now I want to share an example of how to check the niche is really trending or not. So I am sharing a small example here-

Now give your attention to the red color square for what I want to share with you. You can see the search keyword, search results and then “top stories”. Now the fact you should notice is big online media channels posted the content on the internet for the search keyword “Priya Prakash”.

And if you want to check more details about the search result of the same example then look here-

Now check the marked red color square on the same search results of the same keyword. So here we can come to the conclusion that we are in right research to finding trending niche.

I hope guys you enjoyed the article and got the process for what I mentioned in the title of the article.

Please share your feedback and suggestions through comments on this article.

Thank you.

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