Google Search Console Request Indexing Limit Removed

Google Search Console Request Indexing Limit Removed From Interface

In Google Search Console (also known as Google Webmaster Tool), there is the ability to Fetch As Google and then submit the URL of your website which you fetched to the Google Index to get crawled that specific URL immediately so that it can show in SERP for the decided meta keywords. Here I am sharing latest update from Google and i.e. Google Search Console Request Indexing Limit Removed.

In that Submit feature, Google used to show how many URL submissions remained from a monthly quota for that website. That limit notification no longer appears in the Search Console interface for any user, but it remains in the help documentation on Google’s own site.

Here I am sharing an image in which you can check that how it was looking like before with a notice showing the remaining number of submissions from the monthly quota:

Google Fetch Quota

And now it looks like the same in the image given below without notification of monthly quota limit:

Google Fetch Quota Removed

Google would not confirm through any official notice or statement whether the monthly quota itself is going away, whether it is simply no longer going to show users how many submissions they have remaining or if this is a temporary interface change.

I will keep you informed if I learn more. Stay Connected for more updates.


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