How To Get FREE SSL Certificate: Let’s Encypt

how to get free SSL certificate

Today everyone wants SSL security for the website because it has countless importance for not only in terms of security but it also gives preference to search engine for ranking. But nobody wants to pay the huge amount to get SSL security certificate for the website. Now the main question is “How To Get FREE SSL Certificate“.

Don’t think too much and just follow the simple steps which are mentioned below. So Let’s Start

Process of How To Get FREE SSL Certificate

Start Google Search:

Open Google and type “FREE SSL Certificate” in the search bar. Now you will get search results like this-


I already mentioned a red color rectangular box with an arrow so that you can easily understand that where you should go after getting search results for the search keyword “FREE SSL certificate”.

Now Click on the link which is marked in the red box.

You can go to the link directly from here as well—->

Now Login To SSL For FREE

Whenever you will log in to SSL For FREE Website, you will see the screen like image is given below-





Now insert your website into the box and click on “Create FREE SSL Certificate“. And Now You Will Get Domain Verification Method To Get Your FREE SSL Certificate. You Will Get The Process Like The Image is given below-

Now follow the any one of these three given methods to verify the domain authority and then you will get the SSL Certificate details. Then follow the given steps in your hosting/server to configure the SSL certificate.

Get FREE SSL Certificate- Goal Achieved

Now Goal Is Achieved to get free SSL certificate. SSL certificate may take few hours to get propagated by your hosting/server provider, don’t think like it is showing any kind of bug or error, just relax and sit. It will work fine after few hours.

I hope this will work for everyone. If anybody feels any difficulty in the configuration of FREE SSL Certificate to there website then you can comment below or submit a query on the contact page. I will be happy to help you.

Siddharth Pal is a full-time digital marketer who loves to explore deep insights of digital marketing. He has a passion for helping newcomers make their skills noticeable and money making. Contact now to Get his free guide to start from scratch.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks For pointing out your doubt/query on the post.
      I want to clear few important facts about FREE SSL certificate and those are-
      1. Only SSL certificate can charge you and allow you to use it for FREE
      2. Hosting provider doesn’t have any objection to installing SSL certificate, doesn’t matter it is FREE or not.
      I am also using Hostgator Hosting and successfully installed FREE SSL certificate. Hosting provider will ask you only 3 things to install SSL certificate and those things are- Certificate: (CRT), Private Key (KEY) and Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE). That’s it. If you still have any issue then you should contact to your hosting provider or can contact me, I would be happy to help you in installing SSL.

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