How To Optimize Facebook Business Page For SEO

How To Optimize Facebook Business Page For SEO

There are lots of blogs, articles, videos available on the internet for revealing the answer of “How To Optimize Facebook Business Page For SEO”. But still, everyone is not getting how to exactly do it for there facebook business page. Because different people are sharing the different method for the same.

So I am sharing my way for optimization of facebook business page for SEO. Let’s Start-

Process For How To Optimize Facebook Business Page For SEO-

Choose The Best Name For Your Facebook Business Page:

Optimizing the Facebook business page for search engines should be adding few keywords which can represent your business and should be meaningful. I am sharing a small example here to clear this point.

Example: Food Panda

Website URL:

Facebook Page URL:

So we can clearly see that FoodPanda have very much clarity about the website name and Facebook business page name and they used a very meaningful word in URL and that is “FOOD” so it is very much clear that what is FoodPanda is all about.

Tip – The first word within your Facebook Business page title is given the most importance by Google.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Facebook Page:

Keyword optimization is the most common and most primary factor for on-page SEO of every website on the internet. Search engines like Google and Bing are drawn to keywords like moths to a flame.

Optimization of your Facebook business page is like any other SEO process of any website. So the title of the Facebook business page considers as Meta Title, Short description considers as Meta Description by the search engines. And of course, keywords should be in both the title and description.

Create a Custom Facebook URL:

You should Visit to check out some Facebook username options available. Once you land on the site, select your Business Page and update the USERNAME which is available and perfect for your Facebook business page. Now you have well optimized, unique and custom URL for your Facebook business page.

Tip – Similar to your website’s meta descriptions tag, you will want to use a brief 320 or less character description for your Facebook business page so your whole message displays in the search engine’s snippet.

Optimization of Facebook Business Page Status Updates for SEO:

As we already know that all major search engines give the better ranking to those websites in which the search engine can crawl the new updates, new content etc on regular crawling. And the same concept is here too for optimization of the Facebook business page with status, images, infographics, videos etc.

Tip – Just like your Facebook business page name, Google or any search engine will place a higher value from the first word in your update, so it may be a smart move to consider making that a keyword relevant to your website of the Facebook business page.

Include Your Phone Number and Address On Your Facebook Page:

The logic behind local SEO is to keep up to date the NAP means name, address and phone number on the website’s home page and in the footer. And To optimize the Facebook business page, we have to update the NAP details in contact and about section with MAP coordinates so that all major search engine can crawl it.

Note – NAP details of the website and Facebook business page should be same so that Google can consider it for the same entity.

Backlink to Facebook Business Page:

Now we have to create quality backlinks for the Facebook business page so that it will get good rank in SERP of the major search engines for the targeted keywords of our website and Facebook business page. To give quality backlink you should do-

  1. Give do-follow link to Facebook business page from the main website
  2. Mention Facebook business page URL on all blogs
  3. Share Facebook business page URL in WhatsApp
  4. Use Facebook business page URL in forum discussion with keywords


Guys, I hope you got the answer in a very easy way for how to optimize the Facebook business page for SEO. You can share your suggestions, feedback in the comment box of this article.

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