How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free | Beginners Guide

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

Generating huge volume of traffic on the blog is the key to unlock the success of the blogging career. But we know very well that to get the huge volume of the FREE quality traffic is not a cup of tea for everybody. So here I am going to discuss how to increase blog traffic for FREE.

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

Before Coming to the tips to increase traffic for FREE, I want to clear one thing that what is the meaning of increasing traffic in actual way of blogging.

Note: I am sharing here only my experience of my own blogs and guest blogging but I am sure that every line of this article will definitely help you to boost up traffic to your blog website.

In the above image, I am sharing the screenshot of Google Analytics of this website at 6:28 PM on 19th Feb 2018. In the image, you can clearly see that I am driving good volume of traffic from 13th Feb 2018 only. And the amazing fact has I started this blogging portal on 7th Feb 2018 and I published the 1st blog on the same day.

Now I know that you all guys really want to know that what exactly I did to get this traffic in very short time of blogging. So, guys, I want you all to keep attention and don’t judge me and my experience because I already mentioned that I am sharing all of my personal experience.

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free:

Content Marketing Strategy:

I was thinking that what to write and how to write content so that it will go viral but I forgot that only one blog or article can’t make content viral. There is always a marketing strategy which works to drive huge volume of traffic on the website. So I decided to plan and create the content marketing strategy according to the niches and trending topics with the help of Google Trends and analysis.

Optimization of Articles:

I started analysis on various blogging websites and then I realized that there is something missing in my articles and then I prepared SEO checklist and then I started following it very carefully. I will post an article about that SEO checklist in future. I also took precautions for SEO mistakes.

Easy Content Writing:

I realized that if my article will contain too much heavy and technical words then people will not take interest in my blogs so I started my new blogs with very easy content writing terms so that every visitor of my blog website can easily understand it.

Social Media Sharing:

I checked so many blogs that people love to read and share the content which means something and then I modified my content according to the need of common visitors. Then I got few comments on my few blogs (few of them are spam, you should take care of this) and I started checking everything with the help of Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. And then I found that my one article is giving the great response from LinkedIn. So I started analysis and did LinkedIn promotion. For LinkedIn Marketing, I will write one dedicated blog soon.

Ranking Without Backlinks:

Maybe few readers will not digest this fact but few can easily understand that it’s not a big deal to get good rank without any backlink. It needs only well on page optimization with high attention on competitors.

Internal Linking:

This was the most effective terms which turn the curve of the website traffic from ground to sky and today I am getting approx 500 visitors regularly. Many bloggers just think that add a do-follow link from one post to another is internal linking but it is the biggest myth. You have to understand how internal linking works and how to do it properly.

Avoid Over Optimization:

Many bloggers including me think that if we can optimize our blog very well then it will give us amazing result and yes it works fine. But so many people started over optimization and Google count it as spam. So avoid over optimization on your blog.

So, guys, I hope you got the exact facts how I increase my blog website traffic. I tried to give the answer to How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free and now I wish this article will work on your website too.

If you think that you got the answer to How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free then please share your suggestions/feedback/queries through comments on this article.


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