How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Affiliate Program

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Affiliate Program

In today’s world, everyone wants to earn huge money and more than 90% of the total population, actually wants to know that how they can earn through internet. We all know that so many people heard about the affiliate marketing but they actually don’t know that how they can earn huge money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the evergreen topic of discussion among so many marketers and bloggers.

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Now Let’s start the discussion on “How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Affiliate Program”.

Log On To Amazon Affiliate Program Website:

The Very 1st step towards Amazon affiliate program is to log on to the official website. Check The official website here —->

The affiliate portal of Amazon will look like the given image below-

Now you have to follow the navigation towards account creation. Simply click on the button “Join Now For Free”. Keep in mind that This program is FREE till now while few affiliate program may ask you for some bucks.

After following the navigation towards account creation, you will land on the login page of the website. Now see the button for “Create Your Amazon Account”. Now You will land on the page on which you will get a simple account creation form like-

Now submit your details and create your account.

After successful submission on the website, they will ask you to verify your details and email address through transactional email.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Affiliate Program:

And now the process is very simple which I don’t want to write in words so I am sharing through Images.








Now after getting the link of the product with your affiliate tracking ID, you need to publish it on your website or blog. And then you can get good earnings through successful sales of those products.

Here I am sharing a list of profit percentage which is also listed on the Amazon affiliate website.


I hope I covered the basic information for how you can start affiliate marketing with Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you have any doubt or suggestions, then please do comment.


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