Ubersuggest: FREE SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool For Everyone

Ubersuggest: FREE SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool For Everyone

Every beginner content writer or blogger who wants to rank his/her content on the search engine always struggles with choosing the right keyword for the best results in SERP. But nobody is perfect in it including me also. So Here I am sharing an easy and FREE keyword Suggestion Tool and that is “Ubersuggest: FREE SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool For Everyone”.

Now without stretching the article I am coming to the point and sharing all important facts about the tool which everyone wants to know.


It is one of those online tools which is used to perform keyword research process. As the name says, it provides much more than just suggestion on keywords and it is completely FREE for everyone. The tool is created by Alessandro to help newbies in blogging and content writing.

How To Use Ubersuggest FREE SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

You can go to the website of the tool and then start your keyword research process for your content by entering the keyword in search box and then proceed with click on “suggest” or “look up”

Ubersuggest tool snapshot

And now you will get search results for your search term. I am taking example of keyword- FREE Keyword Research Tool

Keyword search result

Now come to the search results of suggestions of the keyword-

Keyword Suggestions by Ubersuggest

You can check the search results of the tool for the search term “FREE Keyword Suggestion Tool”

Now check all the results for the search keyword and start your observation on it.

You will get options to save these results. Check the options in footer-

Search Result Footer (Ubersuggest)

Now you can finalize the keyword after your observation.

If you want to try this tool from here then please visit the URL—->http://bit.ly/2G0KoWA

I hope I cleared everything about the tool in a very easy and understanding way for every newbie.

If you have any suggestion/feedback then please share it through comment box or contact here.

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